Sunday, April 17, 2005

A disturbing halakha? No, actually not.

I love the halakhic system, because it is so beautiful and symmetrical. Yet I find very ugly and asymmetrical the idea that a child can be counted for a זימון, yet a woman cannot. Especially disturbing is the view that even a young child שיודע למי מברכין can be counted. In fact, the רא"ה says that one can even count a five-year-old child.

The רא"ה says that the reason that we don't count women in a men's זימון is פריצותא.

Oh, wait: I forgot. Women have an obligation to make their own זימון. Presumably, a young girl שיודעת למי מברכין could count in a women's זימון, just as a young boy שיודע למי מברכין can count in a men's זימון.


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