Thursday, April 07, 2005

Re: Getting involved in other's arguments

Brian wondered:

>If anyone knows why this detail of where they are eating is important, please share it.

Often, places where ma`asiyyos happened, or other seemingly irrelevant details, are included. I don't have my seforim with me here, but I believe that in the story about Rabban Shim`aun b. Gamaliel, Rebbi Yehudho, and Rebbi Yosé quoted on Pesahim 101a-b (from the somewhere in the later chapters of Toseftas Berokhaus) mentions the place that they were eating. Also, the story of Rabban Gamaliel and the Zeqenim in Tosefto of `Arvei Pesahim mentions that they were dining in the house of Baithos (=Boethius) ben Zonin in Lod. And don't forget the famous story of Rebbi Eli`ezer, Yehaushua`, El`ozor b. `Azaryo, `Aqivo, and Tarfaun in Benei Veraq, which we shall read in the Haggodho in a few weeks.

I remembering hearing somewhere (either I read it in the work of a rishaun or aharaun, or I heard it mippe qodshau shellerav dovidh hallivni מפה קדשו שלרב דוד הלבני) that these details were preserved to make the stories easier to memorize.

And on a more "relevant" (כביכול) point: are you sure that Rabban Gamaliel was the host? As far as I know, Rabban Gamaliel was from Yavne, and they were dining in Jericho. Perhaps, he asked Rebbi `Aqivo to bentsh merely by virtue of being Nesi Hassanhedrin.

Ramsho Tovo (רמשא טבא)
Mar Gavriel bereih de-Rav Ashi


At Thursday, 07 April, 2005, Blogger DKP said...

You're right, I checked Encyclopedia lechakhmei hatalmud vehageonim, and the Raban Gamliel probably referred to here was mainly based in Yavneh.

At Thursday, 07 April, 2005, Blogger Bryan said...

Another point - I don't think Rabban Gamliel was necessarily the host. I definitely the Nassi aspect was what allowed him to make the choice of who would lead the bracha achrona.


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