Friday, April 08, 2005

Re: Getting involved in other's arguments

Yesterday, when I sent my post "Re: Getting involved in other's arguments", was not working very well. Therefore, I ended up not being able to send some paragraphs that I wanted to conclude that post. I am including them here.

And on a more "relevant" (כביכול) point: are you sure that Rabban Gamaliel was the host? As far as I know, Rabban Gamaliel was from Yavne, and they were dining in Jericho. Perhaps, he asked Rebbi `Aqivo to bentsh merely by virtue of being Nesi Hassanhedrin. (I admit that from a historical point of view, we are not exactly sure what the position of נשיא הסנהדרין entailed, nor even what exactly the Sanhedrin was, or how it functioned. As Barry [Wimpfheimer] once pointed out to me, it will be a hundred years from now before we shall have done enough textual work to be able to do history.)

I could also make some kind of chassidishe vort such as the following: Jericho was the place which received גמולו של א־ל, the retribution of God (by being destroyed by Joshua), and no one was supposed to oppose that retribution by rebuilding the city. That גמולו של א־ל is represented by גמליאל. The רבים, or רבנן, fight (from the expression ריב) against God’s retribution, and therefore oppose גמליאל. I can’t take myself seriously in writing this, because (at least at this stage in my life) I don’t have a head or a heart for chasidishe verter, and therefore I have felt that it would not be proper to include a name of God in my ridiculous pseudo-vort. This is why, contrary to my usual practice on this blog, I have put a hyphen in the name Eil. However, if someone with a true feeling for chasidishe verter would like to use my associations to this story in a meaningful vort, by all means, I encourage him or her.

גּוּט שַׁבָּת לְכֻלְּכוֹן,
Mar Gavriel


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