Monday, April 11, 2005


Perhaps the following post is inappropriate for this forum, because it is of a more personal nature, and is not directly relevant to the דף. If you find this posting to be irrelevant and inappropriate for this site, comment on it thus, and I shall try to write no more posts of this kind.

And now, for the body of this e-mail: over the last few days, I have started to learn some תוספות with the דף of the day. (Until that point, I had not even been trying to learn any תוספות with the דף.) To my suprise, I have for the first time come to really love learning תוספות. Whether or not I would want to pasken like them, I find great enjoyment in learning them, and recognize their importance not only in the history of interpretation, but in the history, and interpretational sources, of הלכה.

I believe that the reason that I have come to like תוספות now is because I am understanding them much better than before. It is strange that the סוּפֶּר־בְּקִיאוּת (super-beki'us) of דף יומי could improve my skills in reading תוספות. Perhaps, it is because when I do תוספות with דף יומי, I read far more blocks of תוספות per day, even though I am spending much less time on each individual block of תוספות. (Blocks of תוספות are what Yeshivish people call “tosfosin”. I find this Yeshivish word rather silly.)

Maybe I shouldn’t spend שבת with my anti-תוספות friend who is a Rabbi in סְפָרָא אֲרִיכָא. He might divert me from the direction in which I am tending.


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