Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hi, friends:

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog, but it is time again.

On 8a (yesterday's daf), we read:

אמר עולא: עמוד תשעה ברשות הרבים ורבים מכתפין עליו, וזרק ונח על גביו חייב

Why would `Ulla even have a hava ameina that one who threw onto such a pillar would be פטור? We have been working under the assumption that any area under 10 tefahim counts as a רשות היחיד.

The Stam explains `Ulla's statement thus:

מאי טעמא? פחות משלשה מדרס דריס ליה רבים, משלשה ועד תשעה לא מדרס דרסי ליה ולא כתופי מכתפי, תשעה ודאי מכתפין עליו

Whether or not this Stammaitic interpretation of `Ulla is correct, it is certainly a very big חִדּוּשׁ, and indeed, a very big קולא. (If I had been convinced that this had been `Ulla's original intent, I would have named this post `Ulla's qulla.) According to this קולא, only from zero to three and from nine to ten count as רשות הרבים. I wonder whether or not the Yerushalmi comes to this same qulla.

Kol Tuv,
Mar Gavriel


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