Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Historical sense of the Stam

While I have not done a careful study of this issue, I have noticed that in general, our Sages do not seem to have been so concerned about the historical development of halakha. They may say that a particular law is דאורייתא or דרבנן, but they will usually not ask: "If, in fact, law X is דרבנן, what Sages instituted it, and when?" Therefore, it is interesting that here, we find Stammaim (but apparently not Amoraim) arguing about when the י"ח גזירות were, in fact, instituted.


At Tuesday, 17 May, 2005, Blogger Bryan said...

I guess this would also include whether certain of the 18 are really part of the list, such as how tvul yom is mentioned but the stam say it is de'oraita so erase it from the list. As an aside, I didn't do a count to see if this makes the list 17 as opposed to 18.


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