Tuesday, May 24, 2005


On Sunday, we read in the Mishno that we may not use שעוה to light נרות שבת. The חכמי נרבונא, quoted both by the Tosofos and by the רא"ש, in fact, ruled according to the pashtuth of the Mishno, that in fact, we may not use wax candles for נרות שבת. However, the רא"ש was מלמד זכות on those who use wax using a strange argument that went something like this: "When the Mishno said that you couldn't ue wax, it only meant to forbid the use of wax by itself. However, if you mix wax with another substance, then it is fine. And of course, if wax mixed with another substance is fine, then surely wax used alone must be fine, too."

Would anyone please stand up and defend the argument of the רא"ש? And will anyone stand up and defend the Ashkenazzi practice of using wax for נרות שבת?

Mar Gavriel


At Friday, 27 May, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that the Rosh was merely being melamed zchus on those who use wax candles but he was arguing that it's mutar. I also think that you're completely misquoting the Rosh. He first quotes the Chachmei Nirvana who say that you cannot light with wax and he tries to explain the gemara according to them. He doesn't like it but says that Rashi's pshat fits in much better with the gemara. Please quote the words of the Rosh to which you're referring.

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